Asian Pop Radio Gets You Through The Night With 24 Hours Stream

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The then-traditional radio ‘Asian Pop Radio’ (APR) has transitioned to an online radio station.

Without a rest, Asian Pop Radio will now stream 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Over the years APR brought K-Pop fans exclusive interviews with B.A.P, Crayon Pop, CNBLUE, PURE and the now-disbanded 4MINUTE. In 2015, APR had BTS in their studios for a press conference.

APR’s flagship program, ‘The Jenet & Jay John Show’ airs weeknights at 7pm AEST (re-run at 11pm and 7am the following day). If you are keen to catch up with music news and interviews with popular and indie musicians, definitely do not miss out on this.

APR also welcomes two new programs in August, by recording artist Dyan Tai (promoting music from the Malaysian market) and online web streaming personality Jenna Cloud aka Jenstar (presenting the Top 8 & 8 Countdown – weeknights at 8pm AEST and re-run at 8am).

Check out their latest interview with TOPPDOGG:

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