ASTRO Welcomes Fans Further To Nearing “GATEWAY” Comeback With “Knock” Title Poster

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ASTRO is pummeling back to the music industry with a new fantastic hit prepared for their return!

ASTRO makes the excitement rise further for their nearing comeback, which will herald their unrivaled powerful and refreshing charms once again, with the continuation of their intriguing countdown!


Making its mark as their seventh mini-album, ASTRO’s newest release titled GATEWAY is slated to be released on May 4 at 6 PM KST.

On April 21 at 6 PM KST, they unveiled the teaser poster for the first and lead track on GATEWAY. Titled “Knock(널 찾아가)”, the song will feature rap verses made by members JinJin and Rocky themselves, as well as lyrics penned by Lee Seu Ran, Flying Lab, and Jam Factory.

Notably, the Korean title for the song which is “널 찾아가” literally translates to “I’m looking for you”, which is already piquing the interest of fans.

Earlier on April 20, the group also shared the teaser schedule for the mini-album so that fans can prepare ahead for their releases. Included in the dates that Aroha should mark down is the opening of pre-orders for GATEWAY on April 22, where the group will also reveal the mini-album’s package image.

Moreover, after releasing the mini-album and its lead track’s music video on May 4, the members of ASTRO will be greeting their fans online via a comeback V Live showcase.


This comeback marks their return to the music scene after releasing their sixth mini-album Blue Flame and its headlining track of the same title in November 2019.

Raising fans’ excitement earlier, it was announced that member Moonbin will be rejoining the group after sitting out from their previous promotional activities for Blue Flame due to health reasons.

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