ASTRO Unveils Magical Tracklist For “GATEWAY” Mini-Album

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ASTRO will be presenting a whimsical treat to their fans in the form of fantastic songs with their upcoming mini-album!

ASTRO has unveiled their enchanting list of tracks for their upcoming mini-album GATEWAY prior to its release this May 4 at 6 PM KST!

astro gateway

The boy group further prepares to take fans to another world by introducing the whimsical tracklist to their upcoming release. Revealed on April 27, GATEWAY will be composed of six tracks whose rap verses were all written by members JinJin and Rocky.

As earlier revealed, the mini-album will be headlined by the song titled “Knock(널 찾아가)”, whose lyrics were penned by Lee Seu Ran, Flying Lab, and Jam Factory.

Notably, the Korean title for the song which is “널 찾아가” literally translates to “I’m looking for you”, which has piqued the interest of fans.

Other tracks in the mini-album include “When You Call My Name (literal translation)”, “Somebody Like”, “We Still”, “12 Hours (literal translation)”, and “I’ll Be Your Light (literal translation)”. Making it even more special for Arohas, “I’ll Be Your Light” was also personally co-composed by JinJin.

astro gateway tracklist

Earlier on April 26, the group shared lyric teasers for each track as well to provide fans a glimpse of the magical, heart-fluttering feelings that it will give to them. These short previews of the new tracks from GATEWAY came in beautiful and aesthetically-pleasing wallpaper images. Although not part of the official teasers, these lyrics wallpaper images served as an added delightful gift to fans.

The concept photos of GATEWAY had also been revealed by the group earlier as they edge nearer to their comeback date. Showing the six boys’ ethereal visuals, the snapshots came in two breathtaking versions—”Time Traveler” and “Another World”.

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