ASTRO Members Talk About Moonbin’s Absence And How He Showed Love For Their “Blue Flame” Press Showcase

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Knowing the close brotherly bond between the ASTRO members, Moonbin’s absence for their Blue Flame comeback is definitely more felt by them themselves.

During their press showcase for their latest comeback with Blue Flame, the members of ASTRO talked about the absence of Moonbin for their promotions as well as how they feel regarding his current condition.


Prior to the group’s comeback, their agency Fantagio Music relayed the unfortunate news of Moonbin’s temporary hiatus due to his current health condition. With this, the Blue Flame era will be the first time ASTRO will be promoting as a five-member group since they debuted in 2016.

“I feel sorry towards our Arohas who’ve been waiting for us. We – the members and our company – talked a lot and we all agreed that Moonbin’s health always comes first. That’s why this decision was made, and although we’re sad about it too, we’re going to work hard as we perform on stage with the mindset that Moonbin is always together with us,” leader JinJin said.

Meanwhile, Cha Eun Woo shared that they themselves were upset about the current situation too. “Moonbin is a great performer and we also wanted to perform as a full group for the first time after quite a while, so it’s really sad that we can’t do this together and I feel apologetic towards our fans,” he said.

“We worked hard and split up his parts between us so that fans wouldn’t feel the void his absence left as much as possible. We’re also preparing all of these so that he can be welcomed warmly when he returns,” the singer added.

Despite sitting out for this comeback, Moonbin had made sure to cheer on the group for their showcase day, as shared by Rocky who said that the singer gave them the sweetest “fighting!” for the start of their promotional activities.

In turn, Cha Eun Woo added that what they want to do when they grab a music show win for Blue Flame and its title track of the same name will be to make the singer-dancer-actor feel their love. “If we get to give a speech when we win first place, I want to give a shoutout to Moonbin then,” he said.

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