ASTRO’s Rocky To Demonstrate His Acting Strengths In New Web Drama “The Story Of Youth”

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ASTRO’s Rocky will boast his acting skills during the upcoming web drama, The Story of Youth.

ASTRO’s Rocky will display his all-round talents as a performer, taking a role in the new web drama titled, The Story of Youth. Through his agency, the actor expressed his excitement, stating, “Ahead of my new transformation as an actor, I prepared hard to show a variety of sides, so please give it a lot of love.”

Choose Your Own Path

The Story of Love is of the youth romance genre. The web drama is inspired on the classic literature tale, The Story of Chunhyang, and will explore the lives of youth in the modern era of 2021. More specifically, the series will highlight the worries and experiences of young people who feel urgent pressure to date and high anxiety about the uncertainties of the future.

Expectations are high as the drama provides the unique experience as an interactive multi-ending drama. In this manner, viewers will have the ability to choose their own story and enjoy various different endings.

Rocky will play the modern version of the character, Mongryong Lee. The character is studious and handsome, befitting of a main character from a cartoon, however, he struggles to confide his affections to the person he likes. During the show, he will find courage and attempt to express himself to his first love after failing to confess during his school days.

Rocky first debuted with boy group ASTRO in 2016. Since then, the artist impressed global fans with his versatility, powerful rapping, and main dance skills. Additionally, Rocky showcased his talents during various song covers on YouTube and through choreography videos.

Since debuting, the artist continually worked towards his goal to becoming an all-round performer. His acting role is yet another impressive venture during his admirable journey.

Source: Star News

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