ATEEZ Entrust ATINYs To Pick Their Comeback Title Track Through Voting

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The trust that ATEEZ has in their ATINYs is just so heartwarming!

On May 22, ATEEZ announced that they will be letting their fans vote for their next title track!

Photo from KQ Entertainment

Putting their concept of an interactive comeback to the next level, the boy group, in cooperation with My Music Taste, will give ATINYs the power to choose what their next hit will be as they gear up for their album’s release on June 10! Running through three rounds, the group will enable their fans to have a say on what comes up as the title track of their comeback album One To All.

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The Voting Process

For its first round, fans will get to listen to the tracks from ATEEZ’ album through a song preview dropped on May 24 at 6 PM KST. They can then let the group know their top picks during the voting period which will run from May 24 to 26. Performance video previews will then be released on May 27, also at 6 PM KST, as a basis for the voting on May 27 to 29 for the title song selection’s second round.

On May 30, the process will mark its third and final round as each ATEEZ member takes their pick – which fans will find out through a video released at 6 PM KST. Finally, the winning title track made possible by the help of ATINYs will be announced on June 10.

(My Music Taste)

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Upon the news’ announcement, fans expressed how much they were touched by the amount of trust that the group puts to them. They shared how the group including them in the decision-making process for something so huge, shows how ATEEZ cares about what the fans think and values their opinions.

For more information about the voting process, visit this website.

KQ Entertainment’s rising 8-member boy band is already being hailed as one of the main representatives of the new K-pop generation for their well-crafted performances and producing abilities. ATEEZ received worldwide attention even before their official debut through their YouTube series KQ Fellaz Exciting USA Training. Their practice videos also went viral, with “KQ Fellaz – Performance Video” having over two million views.