ATEEZ Reminds ATINY They Are Their Destiny With Special Perfume Release

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Once again proving their sweet devotion, ATEEZ releases “Star 1117” perfume as an ode to their beloved fandom ATINY.

If ATEEZ has proven anything throughout the postponement of their world tour due to COVID-19, it’s that their fans always remain close to their hearts. With the consistent release of their YouTube videos and VLIVE broadcasts to stay in touch with fans, ATEEZ’s latest project is warming fans’ hearts once more.

Announcing via MyMusicTaste’s official Twitter account, the group created a special perfume collaboration with brand Accodor. From its conception, to the packaging, to the scent, the perfume was picked by ATEEZ with ATINY in mind.

The name of the perfume is “Star 1117”, the same title of their fan-dedicated song. It comes in both a glitter perfume and a tattoo perfume. The glitter stick is a fun nod to their fans, who the members often lovingly refer to as their stars. The tattoo is a symbol of an hourglass and was the same symbol of the ATEEZ World Tour The Fellowship: Map The Treasure. 


The perfume features notes of Mediterranean bergamot, oranges, patchouli, and magnolia.

Thrilling fans further, all pre-orders placed through MyMusicTaste come with eight photocards that showcase backstage photos from ATEEZ’s Seoul concerts.

Though the band remains separated from ATINY for now, projects such as this one constantly remind ATINY of the group’s utmost love.

Image Credit: Accodor