ATEEZ Surpasses 810,000 Pre-Orders For “ZERO: FEVER PART.3”

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ATEEZ shows flourishing success with ZERO: FEVER PART.3, more than doubling their pre-order record of their previous comeback!

ATEEZ are already displaying milestone achievements in their careers ahead of their comeback release with mini-album, ZERO: FEVER PART.3. As of September 11, the group have recorded an impressive 810,000 pre-orders for the EP. This is more than double the amount of pre-order sales for ZERO: FEVER PART. 2, which claimed 350,000 pre-orders before its release in March. 


With every comeback, the group continues to beat their personal records, drawing attention to their boundless potential. 

Their upcoming project marks the final EP of their “FEVER” series–ATEEZ’s exploration of the fevered feelings of youth. During the conceptual journey, the group highlighted their versatile charms through different concepts and a wide variety of genres. 

The Culmination Of The “FEVER” Series

Throughout their careers, ATEEZ and their production team “Eden-ary” have solidified an unmatched synergy. With their “trustworthy combination”, the teams will deliver a total of six new tracks in ZERO: FEVER PART.3, including double titles “Eternal Sunshine” and “Deja Vu”. Other songs include “Feeling Like I Do”, “ROCKY”, “All About You”, and “Not Too Late”. 

ATEEZ released an album medley teaser for their comeback, raising anticipation for the stories of youth they will explore during this era. 

Furthermore, the sound source teasers for “Eternal Sunshine” and “Deja Vu” entered the top 10 of YouTube’s “Music Videos Trending Worldwide” as well as the “YouTube Trending” list globally. The worldwide interest in their comeback reveals the group’s continuous popularity growth and emerging power as household names. 

While fans participated in voting for their preferred title track, celebrities also participated in the voting process. Various stars contributed their vote, including world-renowned a cappella group Pentatonix, Murakata Nonoka, Block B’s Taeil and B-Bomb, NOZE, MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul and many more. 

ATEEZ continues to raise anticipation and excitement for their comeback, which is only two days away. Exhibiting soaring growth through their pre-order numbers, many expect their success to continue with the same soaring trajectory. 

Meanwhile, ATEEZ will make their comeback with ZERO: FEVER PART.3 on September 13, at 6 PM KST.

Source: Herald POP

Image and Video Source: KQ Entertainment

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