ATEEZ Ushers In A New World For Their Comeback With “ZERO: FEVER Part.1”

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ATEEZ has been launching an eventful comeback promotion for their upcoming release, ZERO: FEVER Part.1, uniquely inviting fans to join their journey!

As ATEEZ begins a completely new musical series following the end of their TREASURE albums, the group opens exciting promotions before their newest release. Unveiling an official scheduler, ATEEZ promises numerous thrilling revelations to come. Along with classic comeback events such as concept photos and music video teasers, the group begins their promotions with a heavy focus on their narrative universe.


The Universe

From July 6-8, the group surprised ATINYs by delivering artwork of the members in various scenes within their narrative. Starting with Seonghwa, the images depict ATEEZ in various pensive states. The members are noticeably alone in the images, facing their own individual struggles.


Along with the artwork, ATEEZ paired the images with a series of captions that provide a limited explanation of what is occurring in the photos. The writing touches on themes of youth, dreams, and friendship.


The story-telling images intrigue fans, as they provide further insights into ATEEZ’s musical narrative and worldview.

ATEEZ notably continues their tradition of including fans in their projects. Since debut, the group has launched events providing a platform for their fans’ creative participation. With this latest release, ATEEZ began a writing competition for their fans. Encouraging them to use the written captions and images as prompts, the group invited ATINY to wander into their narrative universe and write their own stories about it.

As such, ATEEZ has crafted a distinct identity for themselves as artists who incite fans’ creativity, and value their results. From dance cover contests to designing their lightstick, to this new writing challenge, ATEEZ caters to all types of talented fans.

A New World

ATEEZ shocked fans by releasing a comeback hint outside of their set schedule. Welcoming a fresh era, the group released an image featuring their new logo. Moreover, the photo showed a beaming hourglass. Its caption only heightened anticipation further, stating, “INTO THE NEW WORLD”.

The hourglass has been a fixed feature of many comeback hints so far. This includes a VCR at their online concert, as well as the drawings of Hongjoong and the fedora man released previously.

Following the image, the group released a “Diary Film Teaser”. The video sparked many fan theories surrounding their narrative universe, as it showed Hongjoong greeted by his dark twin seen in “HALA HALA”. Additionally, it shows the hourglass seen in the teaser image, glowing brightly as the sand moves from the bottom up.

Indicating that this comeback will show the members moving through time, ATINYs eagerly await the next stages of the comeback releases.

Image Source: KQ Entertainment

Video Source: KQ Entertainment

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