ATEEZ Brings Fans To An Otherworldly Journey In Their Remarkable Comeback Film

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ATEEZ beckons fans to join them across time and space during their cinematic “Diary Film” teaser for their upcoming album ZERO: FEVER Part.1.

Making perhaps one of the most eagerly anticipated comebacks this year, ATEEZ begins their promotions in a monumental fashion. The group recently released images exploring their narrative universe, a world that was first introduced to ATINYs since the group’s debut in 2018 with Treasure EP.1: All to Zero. As the group’s Treasure album series ends, ATEEZ takes a deeper dive into their narrative concept by unveiling a 16-minute film!


Setting The Stage

As fans previously speculated, ATEEZ explores the concept of time in their narrative world. During the film’s bold opening, the group delivers its most revealing and intriguing explanation of their narrative world thus far. The narrator states, “The universe is divided into many dimensions. This is the story where their dimensions are split into eight pieces again.”

This explanation lays the foundation for the rest of the film, as members explore these multi-dimensions.

The beginning of the video features Hongjoong encountering his doppelganger, first seen in their music video for “HALA HALA”. Receiving an hourglass with its sand moving upwards instead of downwards, the beginning of the video indicates ATEEZ’s return to the past in their approaching comeback.

Additionally, the film begs its audience to consider the question: if you could turn back time, could you find the dimension in which your happiness lies?


The Stories

ATEEZ’s “Diary Film” is segmented into each of the members’ stories, touching on the various experiences of youth. It closely follows the snippets of narration released to fans just prior to the film’s delivery. While each member faces their own personal difficulty, the film cohesively merges them to portray the group’s shared experience.

In the clips, the members face a lonely present dimension, while lamenting on a past in which they were together. The film contrasts the members’ happy memories of their friendship, to their eventual fighting downfall, and their bleak state of separation.

Each scene weaves ATEEZ’s prior releases into one grand story including time-travel, friendship, and the journey to achieve one’s dreams.


The Journey Ahead

Just a few months shy of their second anniversary, the “Diary Film” is an impressive feat from the young group. ATEEZ gifts fans with a stunning, cinematic experience. Boasting high production value and the members’ incredible acting, the film brilliantly ushers fans into the new world they plan to explore in their new album series. And while the film heavily focuses on ATEEZ’s conceptual universe, the video also speaks to their comeback plans.


As the release for ZERO: FEVER Part.1 approaches at the end of the month, the film indicates the scale of ATEEZ’s upcoming project. Recalling the storylines set in motion since their debut, motifs from prior music videos, and themes integral to their discography, the promotional film already reveals the members’ extensive efforts towards their next comeback. As such, they set expectations high.

However, ATEEZ is no stranger to raising the bar higher for themselves. Riding off of the success from a record-shattering first year following their debut, the members continue to push themselves further. Matching their exponential global demand, ATEEZ has quickly carved out their distinct place in the K-pop industry.

ZERO: FEVER Part.1 promises to be yet another commendable release, re-asserting the young boy group’s place among some of the industry’s top seniors.

Check out ATEEZ’s “Film Diary” to get a taste of what is in store:

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