B.A.P’s Zelo’s height reaches 184cm

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Giant Baby B.A.P‘s maknae (youngest) Zelo has finally reached the height of 184cm.

On November 13th, B.A.P’s Zelo shared on his Twitter, “I checked my height. 184… ha” and confirmed his height. Fellow member Youngjae responded in his retweet, “Don’t do this… Think of your hyungs..”

The online portals show this young member’s profile as 182cm and through a Japanese news interview last May, they confirmed his height was 183cm at that time. He stated, “I want to stop growing. The hospital said that my growth hormones haven’t closed up yet.” Which means, there is a chance that Zelo will continue to grow.

Fans who saw this said, “184cm… is like the 63th floor high building to me. Oppa, can you see your feet?”, “You’re too much. haha. What are your hyungs gonna do”, “what a fantastic height. how far apart is our height”.

Source: news and photo-The Star

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