B1A4 Involved In Road Accident, Agency Updates Members Safely Recovering

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En route to attend Icon Concert at Inje, Gangwon Province, B1A4 got involved in a traffic accident early evening of January 27th.

WM Entertainment apologized to the fans for the delay of releasing the official statement about the traffic accident involving B1A4.


The agency explained that due to the urgency of the situation, they prioritized settling the diagnosis and treatments for the group and the agency staff.

It assured B1A4 fans that the boys are recuperating well after suffering from bruises and muscle pain due to the traffic mishap.

“In the future, WM Entertainment will do its best to secure the well-being of its artist”, the agency added.

Unfortunately, the scheduled appearance of the group for Icon Concert was cancelled as the K-pop idols are still receiving medical care at a local hospital in Inje.


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