B1A4’s Gong Chan is recovering after kidney surgery

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WM Entertainment announced on the 23rd of July that B1A4 member Gong Chan recently removed one of his kidneys after being diagnosed with kidney failure.

Gong Chan received a medical examination after suffering from excruciating pain in his side to discover that he owned a malfunctioned kidney. Although the singer became aware of the source of his afflictions during B1A4’s promotional period, he remained persistent and subsided the pain by taking pain relievers to complete promotions before treating his kidney.

Gong Chan will be discharged from the hospital after fully recovering from the surgery and is exempted from all activities until his return. We here at hellokpop hope Gong Chan recovers soon! B1A4 fans, wish him well!

Source: enewsWorld

Photo: syazwinsyaz


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