Bambam Takes Over Local And International Music Charts With First Solo Album “RIBBON”

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Showing the world his remarkable and applaudable talents, Bambam landed several feats with his first-ever solo album titled Ribbon!

Charming soloist Bambam proved he is ready to dominate the world through his own music by bagging several achievements in conjunction with the release of his solo debut album Ribbon.


Just recently, the talented artist made his official solo debut with his first EP Ribbon, along with its lead single bearing the same name. The song highlights not only Bambam’s heavenly and amazing vocals but also his applaudable skills in dancing.

Unveiled on June 15, the soloist’s newest album quickly scored the No. 1 spot on iTunes Top Albums Chart in at least 34 countries. This includes the Philippines, Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia and Russia. 

Further proving Bambam’s musical growth, his title track “Ribbon” also dominated iTunes Top Songs Charts in at least 29 countries including Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Thailand and Cambodia.

As if these were not yet enough proof of the artist’s hard work, the lead single also topped Genie’s real-time charts. Bambam was also the first male soloist in 2021, who was able to achieve a Roof Hit on the said music chart. 

In addition to the above, hashtags related to the charming soloist’s debut also conquered Twitter’s Trending list in 11 countries including Canada, Mexico and United Arab Emirates.

Bambam was also able to garner more than 740,000 viewers and 140 million hears for his live showcase, which aired on various platforms such as YouTube, V LIVE and Facebook.


Bambam caught the hearts and ears of fans and even casual listeners with his lovely and artistic album Ribbon. It presents various tracks from various genres that display his own music style and artistry.

By releasing “Ribbon,” the soloist was able to express himself in a fun and unique way. It has the kind of beat that will leave you with no choice but to dance and hum to its rhythm.

As of current writing, the music video for Bambam’s title track has already amassed 7.5 million YouTube views.

Meanwhile, the soloist will appear on Twitter Blue Room Live on June 16 starting at 8 PM KST to talk and connect with his dearest fans.

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