BEAST to release fitness video

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If you were looking to get a BEASTly body, bodyART might be able to help you with a DVD featuring the group’s fitness tips.

Back in April, it was announced that bodyART would be using BEAST in their new program. A representative of bodyART said, “To look slim, yet toned, is the ideal state of the body and we believe that the BEAST members showcase the perfect bodies that result from our workouts.”

bodyART was started in 1999 by a Swiss dancer and gymnast, Robert Steinbacher. The program consists of a combination of yoga, Pilates, tai chi, stretching and basic dance.

BEAST had positive things to say of Steinbacher, Doojoon said, “Steinbacher is an amazing choreographer who is well versed in all sorts of fitness routines. He choreographed some new moves for us, and it was intense.”

The fitness program was recorded with BEAST some time last month and will be available for purchase in Japan this September.

In related news, BEAST will be making their comeback with Midnight Sun later this month.

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