BEAST to star in superhero comic book

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On August 1, Planis Entertainment announced through a press conference that BEAST will officially release the first volume of their comic book, THE BEAST, on August 22. Writers Kim Hye-jin and Kim Hak-bun have given each BEAST member roles of superheroes fighting for justice. Doojoon possesses the power of hyperkinesis, or super strength; Junhyung can mind read; Gikwang is bestowed with telekinesis, or mind movement; Yoseob can create illusions with his singing; Dongwoon possesses an eidetic memory; and Hyunseung has the power of teleportation.

A total of six volumes are expected to be released, and will only be available domestically in Korea. THE BEAST will strictly be a comic book-only project and will not expand into other forms of media.

Sources: News – 10asiae; Photo – mithunonthe


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