BEAST unveils individual teaser images for ‘Shadow’

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Having previously released the name of the title track and album jacket, the six boys of BEAST have yet again dropped more teaser images as the days draw closer to July 19 – this time unveiling the individual teaser images of each member for their latest title track, Shadow.

The images, which were tweeted through Cube Entertainment’s official Twitter on July 15th, showcases the members in varying charismatic poses while donning outfits with a monochromatic color scheme. The second round of individual teasers, featuring close-up shots of the members were released on the morning of July 16th. The released images also heightened the expectations and hype of fans for BEAST’s second full length album, Hard to Love, How to Love, which will be officially released on June 19 along with Shadow.

BEAST has been garnering both attention and praise from its recently released digital singles I’m Sorry and Will You Be Alright?, with the latter achieving an all-kill on the real time charts upon release. Will You Be Alright? even took the top spot on June 8’s episode of Music Core despite not being promoted on music broadcast shows.  It seems that fans are more than ready for BEAST’s comeback!

Are our readers ready for BEAST’s return to the music scene as well?

Source : Cube Entertainment Official Twitter Doojoon (1)(2) Junhyung (1)(2) Hyunseung (1)(2) Yoseob (1)(2) Gikwang (1)(2) Dongwoon (1)(2)


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