Best K-Pop Songs To Listen To While Exercising

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There are no doubts about it – everyone enjoys the feeling they experience after a workout. But then, the actual workout can go in two different directions.

For some people, it is a joy. It is relaxing and it fills them up with positive energy. To others, it is a chore. No matter which category you fit in, one thing is for sure – music will definitely enhance it.

Certain tracks can inject your body with adrenaline and give you the energy to finish your workout or go through it without too much hassle – sometimes, it is about extra efficiency. Other times, it is about speed. Thus, your playlist is essential. While most gyms play some sort of music, different people have different preferences and needs.

K-pop music has gained notoriety over the past years and even if it is not always your type of music, it can work wonders in the gym. The active and funky rhythm will push you to jump higher, push harder and lift heavier weights. Now, before digging deeper into the best K-pop songs to listen to while exercising, make sure you understand why music is so beneficial.

At the same time, it is worth noting that you can play such K-pop songs whether you are using a treadmill or lifting weights. Besides, some apps also allow adding music to your workouts – take Zwift, for example. The app is ideal for runners and cyclists and provides a real-life illusion to riding around the world while you are actually in a gym or your living room – the app also supports music, and a lot of treadmills already come with compatibility with Zwift so you wouldn’t have to worry about setup or configuration, a lot of exercise bikes too.

What music should you listen to while working out?

First of all, different people have different tastes. Some types of music are, however, suitable for all people during a workout. Music is a distraction, of course. In terms of working out, it is the right type of distraction. It distracts you from your exertion and tiredness, so you can keep working out without thinking about it – the performance is likely to increase by up to 15%.

Then, it seems that most people will work harder when the music is faster. Compared to a slow tempo, fast music will work better. But then, too fast is not very good either. It looks like songs with 120 to 140 beats per minute are ideal – luckily, most K-pop songs fall in this category, so they can push your workout to another level.

The rhythm also depends on what type of exercise you do. For instance, if you run, it pays off to find a K-pop song that has the same rhythm. You will use your energy more efficiently. Other than that, music elevates your energy and makes you want to move or dance – the only difference is your dance is a workout.

K-pop workout songs for your cardio sessions

Released in 2015, BIGBANG’s single “Bang Bang Bang” is a classic. You might have heard it in a gym or perhaps on the radio. The iconic banger starts with a bang and will pump your adrenaline like nothing else. It is fast-paced and EDM heavy. It may seem chaotic at times, but the raw energy is excellent for an explosive cardio session.

ITZY’s single “Wannabe” is worth a try too. The group might be a bit new, but its portfolio already includes a plethora of popular songs. “Wannabe” was released in the spring of 2020 and featured a bass-enhanced bop that will energize your cardio workouts. Besides, if you can understand Korean, the lyrics are about self-confidence, which is another plus for your workouts.

If you are into K-pop music, you have probably heard of BLACKPINK already. Pretty much every song from this band can make excellent workout songs due to the incredible rhythm. One of them stands out in the crowd. If you are into cardio, “Boombayah” will literally push you from behind. The song builds up prior to the chorus, and the bass drop will make you go to the next level.

BTS is one of the most notorious names in K-pop, and for some good reason. The band has lots of songs that could be perfect for your workouts, but some of them stand out in the crowd. “Fire” – released in 2016 – is intense and EDM heavy. It has the right beat to get you moving, whether you need to finish that workout or you do not feel like exercising.

Finally, while Red Velvet is mostly associated with cute and mild songs, some of the band’s best-rated songs are actually fast-paced and can make you sweat before you even realize it. “Dumb Dumb” is probably the best K-pop song for a cardio workout. It is vigorous and suitable for running, but also for zumba sessions.

K-pop workout music for HIIT and zumba

Get ready to get shredded with BTS. “Idol” is one of the band’s most popular songs, especially since it featured Nicki Minaj. It makes no difference if you like the original version or the one featuring Nicki – it will give you the zumba workout of your life.

Block B may not be the most popular name in K-pop, but you might have heard “Nillili Mambo” before. The song has a fast-paced, funny, happy and consistent beat. It is not too fast-paced, but ideal for a moderate zumba session.

Worldwide sensation PSY was joined by 2NE1 for “Daddy”. The song is excellent for aerobic exercises, but it also works great for intense HIIT training or zumba sessions. It is catchy, quirky and will most likely make you feel better.

K-pop exercise music for weights

K-pop songs for bodyweight exercises or weight lifting are not too fast-paced, but mostly inspirational and heavy enough to squeeze you out. GOT7 has smashed it with “Hard Carry”. The song will take you out of your house, hype you up, and give you that extra energy you need to complete the last set.

4Minute is just as good. “HUH” is the type of hard K-pop that has changed the perception over all the nice and cute K-pop girl groups. Just listen to the first 20 seconds and you will jump and push. The beat is heavy, making the explosion of adrenaline in your body palpable.

Moonbyul gained notoriety as part of Mamamoo. The rapper has smashed a solo career as well. “Eclipse” is heavy and pushy. It has an exciting rhythm, while the beat is suitable for some intense weightlifting sessions – just play this song before you start lifting and you will get the point.

There is something about Everglow’s music and “Adios” is the single you want for your workout sessions. The rhythm is just perfectly balanced and feels like pushing raw power into whatever muscle group you are training. It is wild, but also controlled – it brings in a few pushy bursts as well.

Super Junior D&E has been around for a long time, so K-pop fans might be aware of some of the band’s songs. “Danger” is one of the most empowering songs out there and makes a good addition to your workout playlist. You feel bad and strong – even if your body is aching, this song will keep you lifting.

Underrated K-pop songs for workouts

While not as famous as the above-mentioned ideas, here are a few extra K-pop songs to enhance your playlist.

  • BTS – Not Today
  • NCT U – BOSS
  • TWICE – Stuck in My Head
  • BLACKPINK – Kill This Love
  • Epik High – Born Hater
  • Loona – Hi High
  • WJSN – Boogie
  • EXO – Power

Best K-pop dance for exercise

You know it already – K-pop is often about dance as well and not just about the music. Sure, when you exercise – whether you are running or lifting weights, you are mostly concerned about the music. But then, some dances can also make excellent workouts, especially if you are into cardio.

Here is a list of great K-pop dances that will increase your pulse. You do not have to become a professional dancer – whether you dance at home or in a gym, mimicking moves will definitely help you burn some calories.

  • TWICE– Cheer Up
  • Crayon Pop – Bar Bar Bar
  • Wonder Girls – Like This
  • Boa – Only One
  • Seventeen – Mansae
  • Infinite – Paradise
  • Teen Top – Rocking
  • Shinee – Lucifer
  • Xia Junsu – Incredible
  • BTS – Fire


Bottom line, while K-pop is often associated with cute girls or pretty boys, mild music and joyful beats, the truth is some bands or singers simply change everything. The above-mentioned songs bring in a heavier beat, a fast-paced rhythm and the power to change your mood and overall perception.

Whether you like to run, jog, do aerobic or lift weights, these songs can simply push you from behind. It makes no difference if you need an extra boost to finish your workout or you need a bit of motivation to leave the house. Bring some K-pop to your playlist, and your workouts will go to another level!