BewhY To Tie The Knot With Long-Time Girlfriend

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The wedding bells will be ringing soon as rapper BewhY ties the knot with his long-time girlfriend!

BewhY posted in his personal Instagram account a handwritten letter announcing his plans of marriage with his girlfriend for eight years.

The “Show Me the Money 5” winner expressed his gratefulness to have met a life partner whom he can trust and rely on. He also mentioned that they will mark their love with marriage before he joins the military.

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BewhY mentioned that his girlfriend suffered from malicious comments which made her leave social media twice. With their plans for marriage, he hopes that this decision will not fly back at them like arrows.

Due to the pandemic caused by the COVID-19, the marriage ceremony will be held in private between the two families and close relatives and friends. Also in consideration of the non-celebrity soon-to-be bride, all other details of the wedding will not be made public.

At the end of BewhY’s letter, he sincerely thank all those who sent their blessings and cheered on their relationship. He also hopes to receive continuous support as he creates a wonderful future with his girlfriend and the family they will soon create.

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Meanwhile, BewhY gained popularity by winning Mnet’s “Show Me the Money 5” in 2016. Currently, he is appearing as a producer on “Show Me the Money 9.”

Source: BewhY Official Instagram, Yeonhap News, Ilgan Sports

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