Boys Generally Asian (BgA) Hit Over 3 Million Views For Their Debut MV ‘Dong Saya Dae’!

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Btw, if there is a fanclub for BgA, what do you think it should be called?


Considering they are a rookie group with their first debut music video, this is definitely a feat not seen before, especially they are “five guys who can’t sing, dance or really speak Korean”. They are Boys Generally Asian (BgA).

The group consists of five Asian American members, namely YouTuber Ryan Higa, musician David Choi, film maker Philip Wang, actor Justin Chon, and musician Jun Sung Ahn.

BgA’s debut track Dong Saya Dae (translated: I Need To Take A Sh*t’) is a catchy, pop dance track, written by Ryan Higa and David Choi, and produced by the latter and Beatpusher. The highly successful music video is also full of hilariously funny scenes, which might have fuelled its success in seeking the right attention.

In a recent poll conducted by, while many netizens are excited to see BgA splashing their way to the K-pop scene in South Korea, there is a minority of readers questioning whether they are for real or not.

What about you? Do you want to see them taking over the K-pop world by storm?

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