Hottest Boy Band BgA ‘Dong Saya Dae’ Dance Version Released!

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Now, you can learn how to dance like them too.


Describing themselves as “five guys who can’t sing, dance or really speak Korean and try to start a kpop band”, they are called Boys Generally Asian, in short BgA. The group is made up of five Asian American members (probably the wildest Asian mix on Earth), namely YouTuber Ryan Higa, musician David Choi, film maker Philip Wang, actor Justin Chon, and musician Jun Sung Ahn.

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On Friday the 13th, BgA officially debuted with its first official music video release, titled ‘Dong Saya Dae’. The video has since accumulated more than 1,700,000 YouTube views.

Much to the delight of hundreds of thousands of fans, BgA has now also released the dance version video of its current hottest hit ‘Dong Saya Dae’!

Learn how to dance like BgA:


In addition, BgA also released a video on ‘Making A K-pop Video (Dance Rehearsal)’:

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