[UPDATED] BgA Beats BTS On iTunes Chart

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Seems that BgA should go further than what it’s doing now!


Update on 20 May 3.00pm:

In the latest chart update, BgA has beaten BTS and other artists to go on top of the iTunes chart.


Recent K-pop sensation BgA just went live today on iTunes with their debut single ‘I Have To Take A S**T’, and already had an unbelievable chart record!

On Friday, leader Ryan broke the news on his Facebook fan page, informing fans that the single is now available on iTunes. Within two hours, from #8, the single jumped up to #4, following closely behind BTS and MONSTA X now.


Source: Ryan’s Screengrab

While fans are congratulating BgA for their new achievement, others are wishing luck to them in beating BTS.

Will BgA beat BTS?

If you are a fan of BgA, download ‘I Have To Take A S**T’ now!

Download link: 똥싸야돼 I Have To Take a S**t (feat. Ryan Higa & David Choi) – BGA

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