BIGBANG earns over 5 million US dollar from CFs in the first half of 2012

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On June 29,  tvN’s enews reported that BIGBANG has earned approximately 5.8 million dollars (6.6 billion won) by only filming six commercials in the first half of 2012.

It was also reported that an estimated 968, 000 USD (1.1 billion won) was earned for each CF. This puts the group in the top rank in terms of earnings, when compared to other idol groups. This figure does not include T.O.P‘s individual earnings as a CF model.

In the report, SK Marketing & Company‘s Lee Jung Pyo says, “On the earnings of current idol group models, it’s safe to say BIG BANG is at the highest level.”

Full List:
1. Kim Yu Na (1.2 billion x 8 = 9.6 billion won) (US$8.4 million)
2. Kim Soo Hyun (11 cf total 7-8 billion won) (US$6.1-7.0 million)
3. BIG BANG (1.1 billion x 6 = 6.6 billion won) (US$5.8 million)
4. Won Bin (total 6.4 billion won) (US$5.6 million)
5. Kim Tae Hee (800mil x 6 = 4.8 billion won) (US$4.2 million)
6. Lee Seung Gi (700mil x 6 = 4.2 billion won) (US$3.7 million)
7. Jo In Sung (800mil x 5 = 4 billion won) (US$3.5 million)
8. Girls’ Generation (group: 4 billion won + individual, total 5 billion won)
9. Sung Joong Ki (400mil x 7 = 2.8 billion won)

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