BIGBANG gets ALIVE in Malaysia

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To be Alive, is to be marked by much life, animation, or activity and also, knowing or realizing the existence of something (Merriam Webster).

Without a doubt, on the 27th of October, 2012, Stadium Merdeka in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, was alive with a crowd of 15,000 who turned up to support the group named after the cosmic explosion marking the beginning of all things –BIG BANG, which comprises of members G-Dragon, Taeyang, Seungri, Daesung and T.O.P.

Indeed, BIG BANG Alive Galaxy Tour 2012 began and ended with a bang. A good one and a half days before the concert started, at 10am on the 26th of October, the first group of fans hailing from Sabah had already began queuing up at the stadium. Hours before the concert commenced, scores of fans had congregated outside Stadium Merdeka. From official merchandises to freebies, the thronging crowd showed no qualms about having to queue up to obtain all these, snapping up the free and the expensive with no hesitation at all. BIG BANG stickers, a lighted bracelet, a customized badge made on the spot were some freebies distributed on the ground, but shirts and other goods were being sold just as quickly. Many were seen sporting blue hair, were dressed fashionably and totting light-sticks; some improvised and made their own crown hairbands while others flaunted the skeleton-hand hairclip G-Dragon wore in his Crayon music video. Preparations to welcome BIG BANG did not stop here: fans distributed lighted red and blue rings, spreading the message to synchronize the lighting up of the red and blue rings during Fantastic Baby and Blue respectively. Even peddlers selling food, beverages and raincoats set up stalls behind the stadium, contributing to the festive atmosphere that was not only characterized by gaiety, but also by the electrifying tension and anticipation.

BIG BANG too, had no qualms about making this concert a grand fanfare, as this was after all their first time in Malaysia. With a production value of a staggering RM 4 million, the one-night stage in Stadium Merdeka was only completed after one week with props and equipment shipped in from Korea, Australia and Malaysia.

Yet, even with all these preparations, the open-air stage was subject to the weather-the downpour delayed the performance by about half an hour. Decked out in raincoats and chanting ‘BIG BANG’ at intervals before the concert started, the crowd’s spirits were hardly dampened by the heavy downpour. When the curtains finally came down to reveal the BIG BANG members standing in capsules and breathing through oxygen masks, the audience forgot to breathe. Going wild with delight, the crowd began to scream even as the members emerged from the capsules and greeted Malaysia with a cheery “What’s up Malaysia! Make some noise!”

Bursting into their opening song Tonight, BIG BANG indeed made Tonight special for the fans by braving the rain and venturing onto the open-air stage at intervals. After they “got the [crowd] going crazy” with Hands Up, G-Dragon and T.O.P undoubtedly made their fans swoon and go crazy with Knock Out and High High, and then it was Seungri ‘s turn to dominate the stage with Strong Baby and What Can I Do.  With Gara Gara Go and Number 1 and Cafe, “BIG BANG rocke[d] tonight” as the VIPs’ “number one”. Leader G-Dragon charmed the audience with short parts of Crayon and One of a Kind, and BIG BANG then played up their image as heart-breakers with Bad Boy.

Without letting the enthusiasm fizzle out even by a bit, BIG BANG slowed down the tempo with Blue, charging the atmosphere with a melancholy suffused with their gratitude, as the history of this song reminded both Big Bang and fans alike of the difficult times they had faced. After more sad songs like Love Song, Monster and Feeling, the spotlight was first on Taeyang while he performed Look Only At Me and Wedding Dress, and later on Daesung during his solo, Wings. Although fans were familiar with the lyrics of most songs, it was old song Haru Haru that most could memorize fully. Even without the accompaniment of the BIG BANG members, the audience serenaded BIG BANG, who in turn directed their microphones at the crowd and listened with pleasure to the fans’ singing. 

Repeatedly, BIG BANG apologized to their supportive fans for not being able to stay long and professed their love for their VIPs with their songs, firstly with Lies– Baby Baby Baby-“[we are] sorry but [they] love you…[we] need you…and [we are]  leaving..I love you, bye bye!” –and Baby Baby-“I don’t wanna be without you…Baby Baby Baby”. Emanating energy from start to finish despite this being their 9th stop in their world tour, BIG BANG clearly had fun on stage and enjoyed performing to the appreciative audience, whom they could not stop thanking for giving them ” such a memorable time” and for “supporting [BIG BANG]”.  As this was BIG BANG’s first time in Malaysia, they promised to “never forget tonight. It was beautiful” and they were touched by the fans’ sincere enthusiasm “even though it was raining”. With a message to fans to “please take care till the day [they] meet again”, BIG BANG bid their farewells, yet with each “bye”, the VIPs would cry “no” so sadly that they seemed reluctant to say goodbye as well.

The stadium reverberated with the loud chants of “encore, encore”, and when BIG BANG reappeared for their encore stage, the frenzied crowd cheered as if they had only just seen them for the first time that night. BIG BANG returned with Heaven, bidding farewell to the crowd with the promises of [we] will love you, [we] will remember you”. Then, apologizing with Bad Boy again, the VIPs were reminded that even though the BIG BANG members were indeed Bad Boys for “abandoning” their fans with the end of their concert, this first meeting with their Malaysian fans were well treasured. Closing with Fantastic Baby and Hands Up again, BIG BANG lifted the spirits of the Malaysian VIPs, leaving them feeling very much Alive and rejuvenated, but not wholeheartedly satisfied, for which VIP can ever get enough of BIG BANG?

BIG BANG’s Alive Galaxy Tour 2012

With an entourage of 88 in total, BIG BANG and crew were in Malaysia for a total of 76 hours, and resided in 60 hotel rooms. A world tour with this magnitude only depicts the huge successes BIG BANG has and will achieve, with this tour covering in total 25 cities in 16 countries. Kicking off their world tour in Seoul, Korea on the 2nd of March, BIG BANG performed to three sold-out concerts in their homeland before packing their bags and heading to Japan’s Nagoya (17-18th May), Yokohama(25-27th May), Osaka(31st May-3rd June), Saitama (16-17th June) and Fukuoka(23-24th June). Next on the itinerary was China’s Shanghai (21st July), Guangzhou (28th July) and Beijing (4th Aug), Singapore (28-29th Sept), Thailand’s Bangkok (5-6th Oct), Indonesia’s Jakarta (12-13th Oct), Taiwan’s Taipei (20-21st Oct), Philippines’ Manila (24th Oct) and their 9th stop, Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur (27th Oct).

To date, BIG BANG has performed in US Los Angeles (3rd Nov) and Newark(9th Nov), but their tour is far from over. With upcoming concerts in Peru’s Lima (14th Nov), Japan’s Osaka (23-24th Nov), Tokyo (5th Dec) and Fukuoka (22nd Dec), their aptly named Alive Galaxy Tour 2012 will see BIG BANG finishing their tour with a bang tantamount to that of their cosmic counterpart, and herald in a new age in which they rein. With these achievements and more to boast of in future, who could ever say that a real galaxy tour in future is an impossible feat for BIG BANG?

Event covered by Huiying@hellokpop (L) and YunTing@hellokpop (R)

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