BIGBANG To Hold Live Broadcast For Fans Prior To New Album’s Release

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BIGBANG wants to spend moments with fans before they release the album.

BIGBANG has already revealed more details of its first title track FXXK IT for MADE‘s upcoming full album. On December 7, the second title track has been revealed to be Last Dance.

FXXK IT is a mid-tempo hip hop track with cheerful lyrics and a groovy feeling, while Last Dance is a R&B track with a slow tempo. The double title tracks, along with the album are slated to drop online on December 12, 12 at night (December 13).

A YG Entertainment representative revealed why they have chosen to release the album online on December 12, 12 at night:

The reason why BIGBANG’s new songs’ release is set at December 12, 12 at night, is because 9th till 11th, the 3 days BIGBANG is having its Fukuoka dome shows. The members will return to Korea in the afternoon on the 12th. It is a full length album that they are releasing after 8 years, so they want to spend the moment with fans. So they will be doing live broadcast via Naver V App on the night of 12th.

Make sure to tune in to the broadcast!

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