BIGBANG participates in Q&A for 6th anniversary

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In honor of BIGBANG‘s 6th anniversary, they participated in a special question and answer event in which they were asked questions about their fans and their thoughts about their 6th year anniversary. The members were also asked about the foods they cooked well and the thing they most treasured.

Your most memorable stage?

Daesung: 1st concert of Alive Tour
G-Dragon:  Hard to choose because there’s a lot…
Taeyang: I’ll make it
Seungri: BIGBANG’s 1st concert
T.O.P: Big Show with fans

Your happiest moment?

Daesung: Now. Bringing back memories of our 6 years.
G-Dragon: Everyday!
Taeyang: MTV EMA
Seungri: 1st awards that BIGBANG attended.
T.O.P: Recording album.

The fan who left a strong impression on you?

Daesung: Is it possible to choose just one fan?
G-Dragon: Can’t choose because there’s a lot as well..
Taeyang: You who’s reading it
Seungri: A fan who ran very fast.
T.O.P: Everyone

What do you want to hear most?

Daesung:  From V.I.P?! We have faith in each other. Do we still need to say something?!
G-Dragon: Yeobo, Jagi and Oppa!
Taeyang: Well.. nothing
Seungri: Well done, Seungri.
T.O.P: Seunghyun-kun, hwaiting.

What do you think about the world tour?

Daesung: It’s a valuable and joyful time.
G-Dragon: It’s hard but I like it!
Taeyang: It’s fun. I think I can handle it.
Seungri: It’s not that easy
T.O.P: It’s a nice trip.

What is V.I.P to you in 6 letters (Korean)?

Daesung: Friend, faith and love.
G-Dragon: Between us, are words still necessary?
Taeyang: Fantastic Baby
Seungri: You guys are truly the best.
T.O.P: VIP!!!


When do you think about V.I.P?

Daesung: I’m still thinking about V.I.P now!!
G-Dragon: Why would you ask that?
Taeyang: I’m doing it now
Seungri: Everyday. From morning till night.
T.O.P: It looks so young and fresh.

How do you feel when you see your old pictures?

Daesung: Dragon. [In Korea, when people look better than before, they often say “You’ve become a dragon” which means “wonders never cease”.]
Taeyang: Oh I was like that…

What is the food that you can cook well?

Daesung: If you can eat well, I can cook everything.
G-Dragon: Nothing. I can only eat well..
Taeyang: I don’t know now but I think I can cook well
Seungri: Stir-fried spicy pork.
T.O.P: I’m not good at cooking.

What is your number 1 treasure?

Daesung: The heart which is still beating.
Taeyang: My pure soul
Seungri: Of course, you guys.
T.O.P: All of my collections.

How does it feel to have your 6th anniversary?

Daesung: Well… the days went slowly but the years got shorter.
G-Dragon: I’m deeply moved!
Taeyang: We’re still young
Seungri: I feel so proud of it.

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