BigHit Entertainment Reveals List Of Blacklisted BTS Sasaengs

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BigHit Entertainment has had enough of these sasaengs and decided to blacklist them.

Sasaengs have always been one of the greatest pains in the K-Pop industry – and BTS’ agency BigHit Entertainment has put its foot down.

Photo from Xsportsnews

BigHit Entertainment revealed a list of fan sites run by sasaengs, who it has blacklisted through BTS’ official fan café on January 14.

Along with their names and member numbers, the agency has also posted each sasaeng’s violations, with some even accumulating multiples of them.

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Some of the reasons listed for the barred sasaengs include illegal and excessive photo taking, illegal ticket sales and visiting places outside the public schedule. One particular point is very worrying from the list. Those listed sasaengs apparently invaded BTS’ privacy at airports by intentionally taking the same flights with the group using illegal means.

Photo from BTS Official Fan Cafe

Airport security and their privacy are becoming growing concerns for BTS. BigHit Entertainment had even released notices regarding airport etiquette in the past through the group’s official fan café.

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Due to their violations, the fan club memberships of those who appeared on the list were already canceled.

Translated official fan cafe post from BTS Fan Cafe (@fancafetwt)

The list took fans by surprise, especially when they came across the names of some of their favourite and popular fan sites. With this announcement by BigHit Entertainment, fans are encouraging their fellow fans to stop supporting the barred sasaengs, and cease sharing photos and videos from them.

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