Billboard Announces BIGBANG’s Top 10 Best Songs Over The Past 10 Years

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Let’s look back at BIGBANG’s admirable 10-year career!

Billboard recently announced a special list that features the top 10 best songs of BIGBANG during its 10-year career.

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Surprisingly, the group’s 2012- released track Fantastic Baby topped the list, while its latest song, Fxxk it took seventh place.

The list also gathers the quintet’s other popular songs, namely: Bang Bang Bang, Monster, Love song, Bad Boy and so on.

It is like a small collection, marking unforgettable memories of when the five members have been together since their debut.

Billboard also gave BIGBANG great compliments for the group’s intense efforts and achievements over the past 10 years:

“With the completion of their MADE album, the Korean band BIGBANG has released a lifetime’s worth of music since their debut in 2006. 2017 will bring a new era for the group as members begin to fulfill South Korea’s mandatory military draft, beginning with T.O.P enlisting in February. But in the meantime, it’s always worthwhile to take a look back at the group’s decade of accolades.”

Watch the list’s specific rankings below:

#10: Bang Bang Bang

#9: The Last Farewell

#8: Monster

#7: Fxxk It

#6: Love Song

#5: Bad Boy

#4: Let’s Not Fall In Love

#3: Lies

#2: Haru Haru

#1: Fantastic Baby

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