“Black Swan” By BTS Surpasses 200 Million Streams On Spotify

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BTS showcases their world domination once again with the infinite success of their hit single “Black Swan”. Do your thang, BTS!

Released in March 2020, BTS’ “Black Swan” has already skyrocketed beyond the 200 million streams mark on Spotify. Yet another impressive feat by the biggest K-Pop boyband on the planet.

Black Swan Spreads Its Wings

Barely 9 months old, there is no stopping “Black Swan” from ascending to the top of the charts. The contemporary pop song is highlighted by poignant lyrics that convey thought-provoking insights on mental health struggles. The unfiltered lyrics arranged in poetic harmony and the stunning delivery are yet another attestation to the members’ talent and brilliance.

“Black Swan” is a paragon that has spread its wings to land at the top of the charts and into ARMY’s hearts.

To add to its spectacular track record, “Black Swan” has gained 222,976,774 views on YouTube, and counting. With eight million likes and over a million comments, it goes without saying that this track is loved far and wide.

The Return of Suga

Meanwhile, following the recovery of his shoulder surgery, Suga has made waves in the fandom with his #BTS_BE comeback interview in Weverse Magazine.

When asked how he feels about finally resolving the issue that has been irking him for a long time, he shared:

“First of all, I’m glad. The pain is one thing, but when my shoulders got worse, I couldn’t even raise my arms. But when I heard that this might recur when getting the surgery at a young age, I waited for the right time and had decided to get it done early next year regardless of the COVID-19 situation. I had planned to get the surgery after the year-end stages, but I got it done this year (2020) because my doctors advised me to start preparing early for next year’s promotions and activities.”

Congrats on yet another milestone, BTS! And welcome back, Suga! The new year is off to a great start.

Source: Spotify | Weverse Magazine

Image Source: Big Hit Entertainment

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