BLACKPINK Jennie’s Boyfriend Revealed – And It Turns Out To Be Member Lisa?

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Don’t sweat it. Jennie and Lisa just went to an imaginary prom together.

On September 23, BLACKPINK’s Jennie shared some intimate photos of her and member Lisa to the group’s official Instagram.

The singer showed her sense of humor by writing: “I never got to go to prom sadly. But I sure would have the hottest date if I had Lisa. Thank you for being my man for the day.”

She also accompanied the photos with the hashtags: “#JENLISA#INDAHOUSE#IFWEWENTTOPROM#MYHOTDATE#내남자친구를소개합니다” (literal translation: “I would like to introduce my boyfriend”).

In the revealed pictures, Jennie is seen striking alluring poses while leaning against Lisa. She flaunts her flawless beauty in a black off-the-shoulder dress.

Meanwhile, Lisa looks really cool and ‘handsome’ in a sequined black jacket. In one photo, she even gives Jennie an intimate back hug.

The two’s ‘couple’ chemistry indeed cracked fans up. Many expressed their great surprise and enjoyment when seeing the photos. They even enthusiastically ship Lisa and Jennie to be a real couple.

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