Bling Bling Reveals Track List For 1st Mini Album “CONTRAST”

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Major9’s renowned K-pop girl group Bling Bling released their track list, raising expectations for their new music!

Bling Bling (Cha Ju Hyun, Yubin, Marin, Choi Ji Eun, Ayamy, Narin) posted the track list of their first mini-album “CONTRAST” on May 4 via their social media accounts.

The released image contains an hourglass in a purple background that creates a beautiful and dreamy atmosphere. According to the track list, the album contains four songs, including the title track “Oh MAMA”, “Milkshake”, “G.G.B” and “LA LA LA.”

In particular, the popular songwriter Yubin Hwang who worked with numerous idol groups such as EXO, NCT, THE BOYZ, MAMAMOO, and SuperM, participated on the track “Oh MAMA” and the follow-up song “Milkshake.”

The title track “Oh MAMA” also features composers such as Mayu Wakisaka, Steven Lee, and Joe Lawrence, who created K-pop hits including TWICE’s “Knock Knock”, TXT’s “CROWN” and OH MY GIRL’s “Nonstop.”

The song “Milkshake” is composed by Daniel Kim, Justin Reinstein, and JJEAN, who participated in MONSTA X’s “Alligator”, GFRIEND’s “MAGO” and ITZY’s “Don’t Give A What,” raising expectations for the musical synergy that will be created by Bling Bling.

Bling Bling’s first mini-album CONTRAST is the first album to be released in about five months since its debut single “G.G.B” released last November. Focusing on the concept of “contrast,” the new album captures Bling Bling’s both chic and feminine sides.

Bling Bling, who has been continuing its comeback fever by releasing its coming soon image and spoiler film, will continue to release more content.

Meanwhile, Bling Bling will release their first mini-album CONTRAST on various online music sites on May 20.

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