Block B’s P.O. To Kick Off New Chapter In His Career With Artist Company

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Fans are surely looking forward to seeing more of P.O. soon!

Pyo Ji Hoon, more commonly known as Block B’s P.O. has officially started a new chapter in his career after joining a new agency.

Just recently, media news outlets announced that the charming singer, actor, and variety star signed an exclusive contract with the Artist Company, a comprehensive entertainment agency that produces various content such as movies and dramas as well as the management business.

A representative from the Artist Company said, “We plan to actively support P.O in showing his various charms and carrying out various activities.”

The agency houses a star-studded lineup of artists including Lee Jung Jae, Jung Woo Sung, Park So Dam, Go Ara, Ahn Sung Ki, Yum Jung Ah, Esom, Cho Yi Hyun, Jang Dong Joo, and more.

P.O. debuted as a member of the idol group Block B in 2011. Aside from doing group promotions, he also performed unit activities with Block B Busters.

In addition to being a singer, P.O has appeared in various works such as Temperature of Love, Boyfriend, Hotel Del Luna, Mouse, and More Than Friends, expanding his position as an actor with stable acting skills. He is also captivating viewers as a regular member in tvN’s variety shows namely, Amazing Saturday and New Journey to the West.

Source: Maekhyung Star Today

Photo Credits: Artist Company