Block B Revealed How They Were Chosen For BASTARZ + The Meaning Of Their Hand Sign

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Ahead of Block B‘s first sub-unit BASTARZ‘s debut stage, the members; P.O, U-Kwon and B-Bomb, held their live stream ‘No Answer Live session’ on MonCast, where they talked about the new sub-unit, title track, as well as answered questions from the fans.

When the members were asked how BASTARZ was formed, P.O answered that it was chosen by colored balls, “The 7 members got together and chose colored balls from a pit.” He continued: “There were 3 red balls and 4 blue balls in a box. We happened to choose the red balls.”

Additionally, the members also talked about the meaning behind their hand sign. P.O revealed they just made it up and it actually has no specific meaning, “We had to make one up for our first interview and it got good feedback so we are keeping it.”

If you have not watched the music video of Conduct Zero yet, watch it below:

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