Block B’s Zico cried over fan who died in Sewol tragedy

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Block B’s Zico has received praise for his heart-warming tribute for a young deceased fan, who unfortunately lost her life due to the Sewol tragedy.

The young female student from Danwon High School, Ms. Yoo, was an active Block B fan club member who was looking forward to attending Block B’s first solo concert as her birthday present. Tragically, her wish could not be fulfilled.

Zico, after hearing about the news, personally attended her funeral and wrote a letter. He later invited her family to the Block B concert Ms. Yoo was due to attend, and also performed a tear-jerking rap to the young fan.

Yoo’s father said: “He (Zico) sat there for an hour and a half, talking and crying before he left. He said that he had lost a precious fan. He really cried a lot of tears before he left.”

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The lyrics are below.

“Inside this unending accident
Without a shield, I endured with my bare body
A fancy award-winning career, That’s nothing
You all are my medals and trophies that I’ve gained in these 3 years
Though my shoulders are heavy
I can never let go of this burden
Each person has their own cross to bear
My one rest that makes my heart race is always taboo
PS. Hyewon, I pray that you will hear this song”

Source: AsianJunkie

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