Block B’s Zico Snags First Trophy On Inkigayo Since Solo Debut

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Congratulations to Zico for taking home his first trophy on SBS’ Inkigayo since his solo debut!

On November 15th, Taeyeon, IU and Zico went up against one another for the first place on SBS’ Inkigayo. Without any promotions on music shows, Zico successfully took the first place on the music show with Boys and Girls, which features Babylon. This also marks Zico’s first win since his solo debut with Tough Cookie last November.

The artist announced the good news via his personal Instagram, thanking fans for their support and promising to repay them with his greater music.

20151115_Block B's_ Zico_ Snags_ First_ Trophy_ On_ Inkigayo_ Since_ Solo_ Debut

Source: Zico’s Instagram

Check out the MV for Boys and Girls below:

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