Blue Tree Foundation Thanks Monbebes For Generous Donation On Behalf Of MONSTA X’s Wonho

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The kind heart of MONSTA X continues to reflect on their fans whom the organization recently thanked for their sweet donation!

Non-governmental organization Blue Tree Foundation recently thanked Monbebe for the generous donation they have made on behalf of MONSTA X’s Wonho.


On April 27, the organization, which aims to protect children from school violence, shared that Monbebe made a huge donation amounting to a total of 2,572,500 won to help their cause.

Blue Tree Foundation noted that the donation was made through contributions of fans all around the world. They also shared that despite the difficult conditions posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Monbebe heartwarmingly contacted them to make a direct donation.

“We are so grateful to hear from the fan club. They all came together thanks to their love for Wonho’s music despite living in different countries and having different backgrounds,” Blue Tree Foundation said in their post.

They also emphasized that fans wanted to do something meaningful and collectively decided to help prevent school violence and assist in the healing process of its victims.

“Wonho’s Monbebe is getting inspiration and positive energy through Wonho’s music. Wonho’s courage, which stood tall despite moments of hardship, is what the fan club hopes that the struggling youth will be able to do so as well,” the NGO also shared in their post.

Blue Tree Foundation also shared that with the donation, Monbebe hoped to give back to the community by helping children facing difficult situations to also pursue their dreams. The NGO promised that they will work even harder so that the fans’ good influence can be delivered to the youth.

Earlier this April, HIGHLINE Entertainment, a subsidiary of MONSTA X’s agency Starship, announced that they have signed an exclusive contract with Wonho as their new artist.

Fans widely celebrated this news which also came along with the launch of his social media accounts. All while expressing their support to him and his future decisions, Monbebe are also making sure to show that he will always be part of MONSTA X in their eyes.

Meanwhile, MONSTA X is preparing to make their comeback this May 11 with the new mini-album FANTASIA X.

Source: Blue Tree Foundation

Photo from HIGHLINE Entertainment