BoA’s heart-warming surprise for X Factor winner Dami Im

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X Factor winner Dami Im got to meet and sing for her idol, BoA while recording for a TV special. 

Im, who just released her song ‘Super Love’ in Korea on May 16, got the opportunity to meet her idol while recording for a TV special.

BoA was working in the studio before Dami Im and X Factor mentor Dannii Minogue walked in. The surprise was organised by Minogue.

Dami Im, who has been a fan of BoA since high school got to exchange her CD with BoA. She also got to sing her new song for BoA.

“Around high school I discovered that I loved listening to K-pop and pop music and I was listening to this singer named BoA,” Im said while blushing.

“She’s like two years older than me but she’s amazing.”

Im’s mentor on the X Factor, Dannii Minogue was the guest reporter on the TV special and said that she had ‘tracked BoA down’.

“I wanted to organise a surprise for Dami, something so special that she would never expect to happen and never forget it,”

“We set up a special meeting, where Dami would be surprised to see her music idol standing there.” Minogue said.

Im was left in awe when she met her idol and said she was ‘shaking’ when she saw BoA sitting down in the studio.

“I went in and she was just sitting there and I was just shaking, I didn’t know what to say.” Im said.

Dami Im became the first Asian contestant to win the X Factor in Australia last year and is currently promoting her song ‘Super Love’ in Korea.

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