Boy Group HeartB To Feature SMTM4’s Andup In Comeback Track

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Rapper Andup, who appeared on Show Me The Money 4, will be featured in boy group HeartB‘s new album.

HeartB, who is made up of four members; Dojin, Jin Wook, Byul Ha and Chan Young, is set to make a comeback this September. According to the group’s agency on September 2, Andup will participate in rapping for HeartB’s coming track.

The group’s agency also revealed:

HeartB’s upcoming track will be completely different from the songs in previous albums. Especially, HeartB’s unique sorrowful feel and Andup’s rapping can bring a new type of effect. Please look forward to the collaboration of two musicians who have completely different styles.

Andup was a participant in Show Me The Money 4, under ZicoPaloalto team, along with Song Mino, Jamezz and One. Andup, Jamezz and Mino have released a track together called Turtleship for the show.

HeartB has released its image teasers through a 13-second video on August 30.

(Translation by Rachel Lee, Editing by Yoon Ha)

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