Broken Valentine’s Vocalist Van Passed Away

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Rock band Broken Valentine’s vocalist Van (real name Kim Kyung Min) has passed away in an unexpected accident on August 3.

At midnight on August 4, Broken Valentine announced the tragic news via its official Facebook page, writing: “We have to break an unexpected and heartbreaking news to you. Broken Valentine’s vocal Van, who has been with us for 13 years, has passed away from a sudden accident. The wake will take place in the funeral hall room 2 in Dongsuwon Hospital, and the funeral procession will be on August 5.”

It was reported that Van passed away due to an unfortunate drowning accident while on a summer trip with his friends.

For Van’s sudden passing, his friends and colleagues in the music industry expressed their sadness and condolences through SNS on August 4.

Singer Younha posted on her Twitter: “He was the person who always took care of me, but he left so suddenly.”

While musician Namgung Yeon wrote on his Facebook: “I respectfully express my condolences.”

In related news, Broken Valentine made its debut under the name of 6. August in 2002, and changed its name to Broken Valentine in 2007.  The five-member rock band then gained popularity after joining KBS survival program Top Band in 2011.



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