Brown Eyed Girls’ Gain sexy pictorial for Vogue Korea

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Known for her fierce look and sexiness, Brown Eyed Girls’ Gain showed off her femme fatal charm in the August issue of Vogue Korea.

The pictorial highlights Gain’s sexiness and flaming charisma adorned by the heavy make up and dark back drop. Though not new to sexy pictorials, the singer shared that:

“It is very hard to make a balance between sexy and ‘too racy.’ This is why we need a professional stylist team.”

During the interview, she also shared some thoughts about her sexy performances on the stage. She mentioned that:

“If you consider yourself as a pro, you have to open up your mind for skin exposure or sexy performance. Professional singers should accept and manage the concept of their songs and what the songwriter asks for.”

The rest of the interview and photos will be revealed upon the release of the issue. Meanwhile, Brown Eyed Girls have dropped individual teaser photos for  Black Box.

Check out her photos here:

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