Brown Eyed Girls to return with fifth full album on July 29

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Brown Eyed Girls is set to return with a hot comeback this month with their fifth full album.

On July 15, Brown Eyed Girls’ agency, Nega Network, said, ‘Brown Eyed Girls will release their fifth full album on the 29 after 2 years since their fourth full album, Sixth Sense.’

Brown Eyed Girls’s digital single, Recipe, produced by Primary, Dynamic Duo‘s Choiza, and Brown Eyed Girl’s very own Miryo, has achieved an all-kill as it has swept various music distribution sites.

The producer for the fifth album, Yoon Il-Sang, expressed, ‘ In the fifth album, you are still able to feel the charm of Brown Eyed Girls. We are putting a lot of effort in the album because it is after a long time, please expect a lot.’

Please look forward to their hot comeback!

Sources: News & Photo: mydaily

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