BTOB’s Eunkwang To Be Discharged From Military Service This April

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Melodies, get ready to give BTOB’s beloved leader Eunkwang your warmest welcomes as he returns from the military!

Cube Entertainment has announced the official date of discharge from the military for BTOB’s Eunkwang!

btob eunkwang

On March 25, the agency delivered news about the BTOB leader’s upcoming return from the military!

Following Korea’s current COVID-19 protocol, Eunkwang is scheduled to be discharged on April 7. Since he is on his last holiday, the idol’s discharge will take effect without him having to return to his base.

“We are very grateful to the fans who waited for Eunkwang’s return for a long time, and we ask for your support and interest in his scheduled activities after his discharge,” Cube Entertainment relayed to Melodies as well.

Eunkwang enlisted in the military last August 2018, and he was the first BTOB member to begin his mandatory service. Currently, his groupmates Changsub and Minhyuk are completing their military services, while Yook Sung Jae has announced his plan to follow by enlisting within the year.

During the period of his mandatory military service, the BTOB leader was commended for making generous monetary donations to relief operations in the 2019 Gangwon Province wildfire and the Korean Heart Foundation while serving in the military.

Among idols who were also discharged recently with the COVID-19 protocol in effect were Kang Min Hyuk and Lee Jung Shin of CNBLUE and Jo Kwon of 2AM.

Source: Hanguk Ilbo