BTOB’s Minhyuk Tests Positive For COVID-19

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We are all hoping for Minhyuk’s fast recovery and the safety of all BTOB members!

BTOB’s Minhyuk is currently at the stage of recovery after being diagnosed with COVID-19.

BTOB's Minhyuk Tests Positive For COVID-19

On July 14, Cube Entertainment announced that Minhyuk went for testing after his vocal teacher tested positive for the virus. Minhyuk’s results came back negative and he was put into self-quarantine in accordance with South Korea’s precautionary measurements and guidelines.

However, early today, July 17, Cube Entertainment released a statement revealing that Minhyuk has tested positive for COVID-19 during his self-quarantine.

btob 4u show your love

Here is Cube Entertainment’s statement from the United CUBE website.

Hello, this is Cube Entertainment.

BTOB’s member Lee Minhyuk tested positive for COVID-19 today, July 17.

Previously, Lee Minhyuk went for a preemptive testing after his vocal teacher was confirmed positive with the virus. Lee Minhyuk’s results for both the rapid antigen test and PCR test came back negative, and he went into self-quarantine.

Although he tested negative for both tests (rapid antigen test and PCR test), he visited the health center yesterday, July 16, due to cough and fever. He then went for another test which came back positive for COVID-19 today, July 17.

In response, Lee Minhyuk is stabilizing with the necessary measures in accordance with the quarantine guidelines of the health authorities, and we will do our best so that he recovers quickly.

Once again, we deeply apologize for causing concern to many people. We will do our best to prioritize the health and safety of our artists and follow the quarantine and health guidelines by health authorities.

Meanwhile, BTOB returned as a unit group called BTOB 4U. The second unit group consists of members who have completed their military service Eunkwang, Minhyuk, Changsub, and Peniel, who is exempted because of his citizenship. BTOB 4U released its first mini-album Inside, headlined by the track “Show Your Love.”

“Show Your Love” is a moombahton dance genre song that was gifted by BTOB member Hyunsik before his military enlistment. The song contains a hopeful message to live and love one another despite the difficult times. Consecutively, the unit released the Japanese version of the song in early December 2020.

Source: Newsen