BTOB’s Rapper Minhyuk Earns Recognition For Singing As He Takes Over Sungjae’s Part Temporarily

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What happen to BTOB when sub-sub (vocal) Sungjae is not there?

BTOB’s maknae Sungjae has left to New Zealand for a commercial shoot for outdoor brand Black Yak with actor Jo Insung on 15 July.

Due to this, BTOB has to carried on with their music program activities for It’s Okay without Sungjae. It then drew fans’ attention of who would be in-charge of Sungjae’s beginning part in the song.


On 16 July of M Countdown, BTOB showed a different stage as the performance was divided into different parts. In particular, the group rapper Minhyuk took over Sungjae’s beginning part.

Rapper Minhyuk will continue to be in-charge of Sungjae’s parts on 17th for KBS’ Music Bank, and 18th for MBC’s Music Core. Minhyuk, who is always known as the rapper, has earned the acknowledgment for his singing vocal as he filled in Sungjae’s part.

Other than Sungjae’s part in the beginning, other parts of him are also been replaced by vocalist Hyunsik. BTOB will continue its activities as seven members once Sungjae returns to the country.


(Editing by Adrian Cheng)

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