BTS Raises Anticipation For “2020 BTS FESTA” With A Loaded Event Schedule

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June is coming and along with that comes the celebrations for BTS’ debut anniversary.

BTS is gearing up for their FESTA and it is even more special this year because this is the seventh year of the group.

On May 28, they posted the teaser video for FESTA with “Young Forever” as the background music, notifying the arrival of a brilliant festival.

Then, on May 29, the group dropped the schedule for FESTA on their official SNS channels. Consisting of exciting content, the 2020 BTS FESTA has attracted the attention of fans all over the world.

As per the FESTA timeline for this year, the members will release new content from June 1 to June 13.


According to the itinerary, they have prepared a family portrait, photo collection, profile images, a couple of choreography videos, and more. The “Map of the Song: 7” video and “We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal” contents also draw curiosity on what kind of elements are included in them.


BTS FESTA is an annual event that takes place to commemorate the group’s debut. The festival is celebrated every year.

During this time, BTS releases numerous content such new songs, performances, unit photos and so on. The contents are shared sequentially starting from early June to the group’s debut date on June 13.

BTS has been communicating with fans in various ways. The group has been sharing their daily routine and working process for new albums. Last April 18 and 19, they also held a free online streaming festival called BANG BANG CON, consisting videos of pre-existing concerts and fan meetings through YouTube.

Meanwhile, BTS has a number of activities lined up in June. The septet will be the commemorative speakers as well as the performers at YouTube’s Dear Class of 2020. Next, the group will hold another online streaming concert, BANG BANG CON The Live on June 14.

The group is also slated to release a new Japanese album, Map Of The Soul: 7 ~The Journey~ in July.

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Image Credit: BigHit Entertainment