BTS Breaks Into ARMY’s Heart With Version 2 of “Butter” Concept Photos

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After breaking the internet with Version 1 of the #BTS_Butter concept photos, the seven-strong is now melting ARMY’s hearts with Version 2!

BTS is a musical phenomenon that never seems to stop churning out content. From new albums, music videos, and TV appearances all the way to their quirky social media posts and fan interaction, this group never fails to prove that they are unstoppable. This time, they’re sending hearts with their new “Butter” concept photos to hype up the CD’s release and a brand new mystery song on July 9th.

BTS Butter Concept

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After launching a new set of “Butter” concept photos on June 27th, BTS is back with yet another sneak attack of images; and it’s a total visual explosion of black, white, orange, hearts, and handcuffs.


In case you were wondering, BPM means beats per minute, and that’s the theme of the group’s shiny new “Butter” concept images. (How many BPM does your heart raise when you listen to “Butter” on repeat?)

Showcasing their signature mugshot signs, the members smize in front of a background that resembles a heart rate meter instead of a height chart. The bold nod towards their original “Butter” music video gets a fresh new makeover from black and white to radiant orange.


BTS J-Hope

To match their criminal-esque aesthetic, Suga, Jin, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, Jungkook, and V appear to be cuffed (justice served for breaking into your heart like that?). Fans may notice that Jungkook stands out with his cute baby-pink heart-shaped handcuffs, but that’s probably just because he’s the maknae of the squad.

BTS Suga


5 Weeks at Number 1

Meanwhile, BTS’ “Butter” is unbeatable at the number 1 spot of the Billboard Hot 100. That’s 5 weeks in a row, and counting, making it the first #1 track by a group to debut and stay at the top for 5 weeks straight.

Congratulations to BTS and their loyal ARMY for the new milestone!

Look out for the official release of the physical “Butter” CD and a brand-new mystery track on July 9th!

BTS Jimin


BTS Jungkook

Source: Big Hit Music