BTS Confirms “Butter” Debut Performance Set For The 2021 BBMAs

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BTS has just confirmed something that ARMY has suspected all along: The first live performance of “Butter” will be at the 2021 BBMAs!

BTS’ highly-anticipated comeback single, “Butter” is bound to break the internet on May 21st at 13:00 KST, but now, all eyes are on the BBMAs too, which is slated to air on May 23rd at 8 pm ET; as the award show will serve as a platform for the South Korean seven-piece to debut the live performance of their inevitable hit.

BTS Butter BBMAs

Image From Big Hit Music

BTS’ Buttery Comeback

While ARMY has already been speculating that BTS would be performing “Butter” at the Billboard Music Awards this year, the group finally confirmed it yesterday with a tweet.

The initial teaser of the new track was a one-hour live video of an animated stick of butter melting, which proved that ARMY has patience like no other. At this point in time, probably only BTS can make people willingly watch butter melting for an hour straight just to unveil a song title.

In the past few weeks, Big Hit Music has been releasing teaser photos and reels, which launched the fandom into a decoding frenzy. While the teaser content didn’t exactly coincide with the title of the song, fans are left guessing whether this new song will be akin to the band’s “Run” era or more like a sequel of “Dynamite”

Make way for a buttery smooth comeback!

Source: Big Hit Music