BTS’ Comeback Trailer “Interlude: Shadow” Features Thought Provoking Lyrics By Suga

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BTS’ Suga Sweetly Wrecks Fans With His Rap And Vocals Interlude: Shadow!

The latest release by BTS hypes up the fans and raises excitement for their album Map Of The Soul: 7 which is scheduled to release on February 21. On January 10 at 12AM KST, BigHit Entertainment released the comeback trailer titled, “Interlude: Shadow”.

The trailer features Suga, the rapper of the group. A followup to the Map Of The Soul: Persona, the MV holds message about the underlying meaning behind one’s shadow and persona.

The song incorporates deep and powerful lyrics which talks about the worries and struggles that come along with success. Entrenched in overwhelming raw emotions the song begins with Suga saying “I wanna be a rap star/ I wanna be the top/ I wanna be a rockstar/ I want it all mine/ I wanna be rich/ I wanna be the king/ I wanna go win”, which depicts his dreams and desires when he started out.

Then he says, “Please don’t let me shine/ Don’t let me down/ Don’t let me fly/ Now I’m afraid” which highlights the fears that comes with fame and success. Finally, the lines “I am you, you are me” and “You are me, I am you” suggests that the persona and the shadow are essentially the same and co-exist together.

There is a lot of symbolism in the music video. Throughout the MV there is a group of hooded people who kept lingering around like shadows. Then there is also hands grabbing, mirrors shattering and flashing of camera lights.

The video also displays O!RUL8,2? which is the title of BTS’ second album. Another notable thing to note is that “Interlude: Shadow” is sampled from “Intro: O! RUL8,2?”. While in their previous comeback, they sampled “Persona” from “Intro: 2 Cool 4 Skool”.

Upon the release of “Interlude: Shadow”, ARMY also trended multiple hashtags on Twitter.

The comeback schedule of the group was also revealed earlier on January 9. A lot of events are also scheduled in place prior to the album release.

ARMYs are still busy interpreting on the meaning behind everything. Another comeback trailer titled “Ego” is also underway which will be released on February 3.

BTS Interlude: Shadow

BTS are making their comeback after ten months. Their last comeback was last year in April with Map Of The Soul: Persona.

The comeback trailer for that album was titled “Persona” which featured RM. The Map Of The Soul series is based on the book Jung’s Map Of The Soul.

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Image & Video Credit: BigHit Entertainment

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