BTS Is The Epitome Of Charismatic Chaos In The “Cooler” Remix of “Butter”

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BTS Is Completely In Their Element For The “Cooler” Remix of “Butter”, and we are totally here for it, ARMY!

Butter Remixes On A Roll

After debuting at number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 (again), BTS launched the “hotter” remix of their retro summer bop. While many fans expected the version to be…well…a hotter rendering of the song, the seven-piece gave us an unapologetically dorkier version instead, and we love it.
BTS Butter Cooler Remix

Screen Capture From HYBE LABELS

Now, they’ve jumped around the corner with yet another remix that totally tugged at our heartstrings: the “Cooler” remix. With strong undertones of a victory anthem driving the tune, this remix may even be better than the original!

BTS In Their Element 

The music video takes place in a gym, wherein V, Jungkook, Jin, RM, Suga, Jimin, and J-Hope freely jumped, danced, and goofed off to the beat. Showing off their quirky sides, the members looked totally at home. They’re doing what they do best: being chaotic, charming, and cool at the same time.
BTS Butter Cooler Remix

Screen Capture From HYBE LABELS

The joyful music video was the cherry on top, but it was the victory anthem-themed melody that takes the cake. It’s a soul-stirring beat that will make you feel like something great is coming.
The uplifting remix has already raked in over 7.8 million views and is trending at #12 on Youtube.
If there’s another Butter remix ready to launch, this is the one to live up to.
P.S. We’ll be honest…we’re still trying to imitate that mind-boggling hand trick that V showcased during the bridge of the song.

Source: Youtube HYBE LABELS