BTS Delights Global Fans On “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”

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There’s no turning back for the worldwide success of South Korea’s current phenomenal idol group BTS!


BTS has been marking their global presence at an impressive rate this year from winning the Billboard Music Awards as Top Social Media Artist to making a history as the first Kpop act to perform in American Music Awards.

Sitting comfortable for their first American talk show visit in “The Ellen Degeneres Show”, the Bangtan boys brightened up the set by citing how ARMY, their fan base, fuel their achievements, and how they are grateful about it.

BTS members revealed candidly their personal thoughts to the respected American talk show host.

Leader RM shared how he learns English thru the influence of classic American TV show “Friends” which his parents bought when he was young.  He also explained that they name their fans “army” citing how BTS meant “bullet-proof boy scouts” in Korean, hence they have an army beside them.

Suga expressed gratitude to American fans who appreciate their music even with the language barrier.

When the cheeky host mischievously raised a question if they have “hooked up” with their fans, V playfully responded “Not, No No”, causing the studio fans a chorus of laughter.

Their guesting at The Ellen Degeneres Show is the first of the three US talk show quick stops that they have already taped.  They are slated to appear on The Late Late Show With James Corden and Jimmy Kimmel Live at later dates.

BTS The Ellen DeGeneres Show

The sensational group is expected to appear at MAMA 2017 in Hongkong.

Watch BTS electrify the studio crowd with their first TV performance of “Mic Drop”!

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